Hunting the light in Norway… We found ’em!

After 8 days of cloud cover, it’s New Years day and nursing a lack of sleep from NYE festivities, the skies have finally cleared – all thoughts of an early night forgotten as we witness the greatest light show on earth!

They started off pretty faint, a mere green wisp in the skies and built up to the sorts of images I’ve only dreamt of seeing from pictures!  These photos are shot off a moving ship so they’re not off the best quality but hope they give you a good flavour of our time spotting the Aurora Borealis.

Happy 2014 all!


23 thoughts on “Hunting the light in Norway… We found ’em!

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  4. Oh, I’m so, so green with envy. I think that seeing the Aurora Borealis should be one of the 7 travel wonders of the world!

    • Good luck! Do stand outside for a while though – takes your eyes time to get used to it! Will keep fingers crossed for clear (and cold) weather x

  5. Wow! Very cool! Did it take you many days to see these? We were wondering about doing a Lapland tour with the children but have only 4 days. Our friends who did it last year said they didn’t see the Northern Lights. I guess you need to be lucky!

    • We saw them on day 10 of a 14 day trip! We had cloud cover the rest of the time! It does need to be completely pitch black though, takes your eyes a little while to adjust to the darkness before you can start seeing them as well.

    • It’s meant to be a ‘good year’ this year as well I think – definitely go to Norway! Even if you don’t see the Lights, the trip was awesome.

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  7. Great to read your writeup on the Hurtigruten trip. Although I was on the same cruise (very nice to meet you), I’ve learnt quite a few things from you that I missed myself, such as the fact that the Snow Hotel’s made with a giant balloon as a starting point – and we stayed in it!! I wholly agree with you that it was a trip of a lifetime and would recommend it to anyone. The lights were a highlight of course but even without them it was just so fantastically scenic and relaxing with the boat setting a very laidback rhythm – apart from the rock ‘n roll on the Barents Sea. As you know, my husband and I only took the boat one way and spent two nights in Kirkenes in the far north, which was a wonderful finale, particularly when the Northern Lights showed up while snowmobiling on a frozen fjord on New Year’s Eve and then above the Snow Hotel the next night. So glad you saw them too on your return trip and your pics are beautiful – quite spectacular seeing them above the fjord as you’ve captured them. Enjoying the blog – v tasty read.

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