Bumpkin, Chelsea

Bumpkin Chelsea is the fourth in a line of Bumpkin’s but since I am not a West London-er, this is the first to make my acquaintance and since I’ve now found an excellent reason to make my way over, I can try out all the other ones.

Bumpkin wants to be your local great British brasserie and with food like this, British food doesn’t need to deserve the bad rep it can sometimes get.  I’m dining with a group of fellow bloggers, here to try out the new winter menu and enjoy a tipple or two in the bargain.  This restaurant is perfect for winter; warm, yellow and cosy with a blue door straight out of Notting Hill.

If I’m to level one complaint is that the menu all sounds a little bit too amazing.  There isn’t one dish that I would not consider and our poor host Nick is asked a lot of questions and opinions in the hope he can narrow some of this mind boggling selection down.  In the end, I opt for a seafood duo, my fail-safe option.  So it’s crayfish cocktail to start and scallops with cauliflower puree to finish, which actually feature on the starter menu but you can easily order as a main.

Crayfish Cocktail

Crayfish Cocktail

Interestingly, every single other person has ordered something else, such is the scale of the menu.  BBQ Pork ribs, Roast squash and the cheese pasty.  My crayfish cocktail is fabulous, it’s creamy but not so much that it drowns out the crayfish with enough salad.   Nick is offering up delectable wines that compliment our courses and my crayfish cocktail is paired with a chardonnay that sings.

Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding

While we wait for our mains, we are swayed by the cocktails on offer – I can’t resist anything called a Plum Pudding Martini and this is so so beautiful I could eat, sorry I mean drink quite a few of these if not for the pesky addition of the tipsiness that comes with it.

My scallops come resting on a bed of cauliflower puree which I’m told has a hint of white chocolate in it, not something I would have picked out on my own, but it lends a creamy rich sort of texture and I can safely pronounce these are the best scallops I have ever had.  Ever.

Bumpkin Scallops

Very sadly I have to make my way back across London before I have a chance to get my mitts on that equally glorious dessert menu, but judging by the social media gloating coming from my blogger posse over their dessert choices, I well and truly missed out.  Never fear Bumpkin, I shall be back.

Bumpkin can be found at 119 Sydney St, London SW3 6NR.  If you’re making a booking (And I recommend you do), ask for a table in the covered warm garden with the fairy lights.

You can see the menu here.

Bumpkin on Urbanspoon

Square Meal

Disclosure: I was a guest of Bumpkin, but the accolade of best scallops ever isn’t to be sneezed at, so head over to the West side for your own piece of British food heaven.


10 thoughts on “Bumpkin, Chelsea

  1. Well Anna-Susanne at annasusanne.wordpress.com says the scallops she had at Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus were the best she has ever had so who should I believe? http://annasusanne.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/petrus-the-restaurant-i-cant-forget/ scallops aside, those are 2 very different dishes & I guess my personal preference would come down to if I felt like something sweet & creamy [very likely] or truffles [BUT IT’S TRUFFLES!!] on that particular day.

    • Hehe Anna-Susanne and I are going to have to have a scallops battle! 🙂 I’m with you, my favourite food changes on a daily basis too!

    • They’re slippery so careful girls, don’t hurt yourselves…
      I feel I definitely need to try both next time I’m in London. Although by that time both menus will probably have changed with neither featuring scallops anymore D:

  2. I had the opportunity to get brunch with a few other bloggers at this restaurant a few weeks ago! It was such a charming place and the servers were all so friendly and nice. It’s definitely somewhere I’d return to again! I want to try their dinner menu next time – you make it sound amazing!

    • Honestly it was amazing, I’m still thinking about that plum pudding cocktail and the scallops! Mmm brunch, now that’s what I fancy!

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