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A bit of background


Txakoli at Bar Sport


I started this blog on the eve of my 30th birthday to usher in the new decade of my life and talk a little bit about all the adventures that I’m going on, which are almost always food related!  I have a deep love of all things food and despite my dedication to all the cookery shows on TV, I remain a poor chef.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop me experimenting on the members of my family, so do spare them a thought when I post pictures of my attempts in the kitchen.

But I love to try new cuisines and dishes and there’s almost nothing I won’t try! Having grown up in Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand, I spend a lot of time talking about these countries and meals from my childhood, all of which are as much ‘Home’ to me as my newly adopted home of London.

Home Sweet Home

With the advent of the tots, the commuter belt of Surrey has become home but with the day job in central London, I still consider London to be just as much my home and I try to make the most of this fabulous city and use it as a base for my adventures, whether in Europe or further afield.

When not dreaming, thinking or writing about food, I run around after 2 tots alongside the  Hubby and work the day job in Marketing to fund all the eating out and travelling I like to do!  I love telling people all about what I’ve been up to and chronicle my adventures on Instagram, post my random thoughts on Twitter and update what I’m up to on Facebook.


I’d love to hear from you, you can email me on manasi@inher30s.com or using the form below!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Manasi Kumar

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