Relaxing vibes at Pennyhill Park and Spa

A masterclass in rest, relaxation, spa, sun & decadence from the girls & I at Pennyhill Park and Spa, Surrey.


Pied a Terre

Do you have a ‘list’? That seemingly never ending list of all those amazing places to eat out in London – those pop-ups and new openings and more trends that you shake a finger at.
But what about those of the old school? Those steady places that will always be there, quietly rocking away and blowing your socks off while nobody is watching. Those are the ones you really ought to be watching and Pied a Terre is pretty high on that list.

Dining in the sky, flying First Class with BA

“We’re going on a baby-moon”, I exclaim excitedly to friends. Simultaneously, the husband is telling friends “We’re going to watch England test cricket in the Caribbean”.  We exchange incredulous looks – how can two people going on the same trip be taking such different holidays?  I’m thinking sun, sea, sand, virgin cocktails and the husband…

Le manoir aux quat’saisons, tasting menu

Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’ saisons is a foodie mecca, boasting two Michelin stars, an impressive accolade in itself, but he’s held these Michelin stars for 29 years.  Monsieur Blanc has dedicated his life to constantly growing, developing and perfecting his life’s work, creating memories for his guests all through the medium of great food and…